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Tough time for Benitez at Chelsea

Tough time for Benitez at Chelsea

Tough time for Benitez at Chelsea
Chelsea’s new boss Rafa Benitez arrived at Stanford Bridge to a torrent of abuse from the Chelsea fans yesterday as his new side was held to a goalless draw against the other Premiership big spenders Manchester City.

Benitez agreed with City’s boss Roberto Mancini when he said the only sure fire way to get the fans on your side is to win, win, win, and win.

When asked about his hostile reception the Spaniard Benitez claims not to have understood what the fans were chanting yet for a man who has lived in the U.K. and been involved in English football for so long I find it rather far-fetched to believe that he did not understand what they were singing saying: “I was asking: ‘What were they singing?’ when the fans were belting out “You’re not welcome here.” I don’t care. I’m just focused on the game,” He said.

He added: “The main thing is that the players are focused on the games. If they are, it’ll be fine. I have confidence we will do well and win games. Some of the fans will realize it’s not the way to support their team.”

Benitez is in the manager’s seat only till the end of the season for now, and he knows that the only Chelsea fan he has to worry about is the owner Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich saying: “He knows it was a tough game, a difficult time after the last games. He’s like me. He knows we have to win, want to win, and we keep working for that.”

The draw against last season’s champions Manchester City leaves the Blues five points behind league leaders Manchester United a third of the way through the season, in a game that they could so easily have lost to City but for a Sergio Aguero miss.

City manager Roberto Mancini said after the game: “We were so poor in the last 20 meters,” Mancini said. “When we have a chance, we need to score. If you are soft, you won’t score. That’s why I was upset.”

Despite the disappointment of Manchester City being knocked out of the Champions League, Mancini feels that it could very well work in City’s favor only having to concentrate on the Premiership. He also commented on the fans abuse of their new manager Rafa Benitez saying: “I work with another team. But I can say it’s very difficult for him and for his team to play well. I don’t think that Rafa is a magician. I don’t think he can change everything in a few days. Weeks ago, Chelsea were on top and playing well. They have good players. Every manager needs time.”

Tough time for Benitez at Chelsea

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