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Unbelievable!! Packers Win on a Miracle!!

Unbelievable!! Packers Win on a Miracle!!

Will the Green Bay Packers make a nice run towards the Super Bowl? If they do, then mark this date down as the season saver! Green Bay was dead. Not only were they dead in this game, but their season was likely dead. They were running the lateral-the-ball-and-hope play that Miami used to beat Duke earlier in the year. The play was stopped. Aaron Rodgers was going down and the game was over. Only the tackler got a finger on Rodgers facemask. And that left a crack in the door.

With 15 extra yards, Rodgers was able to throw the Hail Mary and get it across the goal line. And the prayer was answered by Richard Rodgers as he hauled in the pass with no need for a tip. He just went up and grabbed it.

How weird is this ending? How about a quarterback from Cal-Berkeley named Rodgers throwing to a receiver from Cal named Rodgers who’s the son of a Cal player who was on the field for the ultimate lateral-and-hope play, the infamous “Stanford Band” play in 1982? And it happened in Michigan, the same state that produced this season’s most crazy finish, the Michigan State vs Michigan mind boggler.

What is going on in football this season? Between this game, the Jags-Ravens miracle, the Georgia Tech over FSU stunner, and now this?

Think about this for a minute…Green Bay and Detroit have been playing twice a season since the early days of this game, and that was the biggest comeback in series history. Detroit was up 20-0 in the third quarter. It was 23-14 mid-way through the fourth. Green Bay never led until there was no time left on the clock. Just amazing!

Unbelievable!! Packers Win on a Miracle!!

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